Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Emmett's last day of preschool

Today was Emmett's last day of preschool (until next year). It's amazing how much he's grown over the past 8 months.

He wasn't in much of a picture-taking mood today.

He's done really well in preschool this year.  I try not to compare him with Annika and her first year of preschool, since she was almost 3 and a half when starting preschool, and he's now almost 3 and a half after completing preschool (December baby).  He still doesn't quite know all of his letters, but he can recognize and name most of them now.  He's also starting to associate letters with the sound they make (his speech therapy is helping with that - more on that in another post).  He's really good with his numbers and loves to do his "math" workbook (he recently got a set of "Cars" workbooks from book orders - ABCs, shapes/colors, math and counting).  His art skills are still rather "minimal" (he would often bring home a painting with 1 or 2 smears of paint on it and that's all) and we're working on encouraging a proper grip for holding his crayons/pencils.  He's started tracing letters and shapes, but his control of a pencil is still pretty shaky.  He knows how to spell his first name.  Socially, he interacted well with his teachers, but I don't think he interacted with the other kids much.  Whenever I asked him who he played with at school he would say "no one" (however, at Y Neighbours he had a group of buddies that he would talk about).  All in all, I'm very glad that we put him in preschool this past year (and not just because I liked my free mornings twice a week), and I think that it was very good for him.

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