Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I was spoiled with handmade gifts and cards this morning.  I love that the kids are at an age where they are starting to "get" Mother's Day.

Emmett made me these flowers in a clothespin "vase" at preschool, and a card that says "my love for you just grows and grows" (one of the teachers helped him print his name on it - he's nowhere near writing letters yet).  It was so cute on Friday when I picked him up from school, watching all the kids trying not-so-succesfully to hide their gifts from their moms. ;)

Annika made me a card that says "I love you to pieces" and these "mom" bookmarks.  There are two because when she got home on Friday she couldn't find it in her backpack and thought she had left it at school.  So I called the teacher at school and she couldn't find it anywhere, but she put the materials to make another one in an envelope for us to pick up that afternoon.  Then yesterday Annika found the one from at school, so I ended up with two. 

This book was an idea I had seen online and suggested to Carey that I would really like.  It's just a blank journal, but the kids will draw a picture or write a message in it every year for Mother's Day.  That way I'll have all my Mother's Day wishes in one spot and I can look back through them when I'm old and gray (or even just each year on Mother's Day).  I think it's a really great idea.  I'll probably do the same for Carey for Father's Day, and I may even start a book for each kid for their birthdays.

Love these kids!!

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