Monday, May 5, 2014


Tonight was the first night of soccer.  We are very lucky this year that both kids can be on the same team (the league is for 4-6 year olds, but since technically Emmett turns 4 this calendar year, they let him in).  Both kids had a blast.  Emmett is the smallest on the team, and sometimes had trouble paying attention/keeping up, but he always looked like he was having fun.  It's amazing the difference we see in Annika, though.  Last year was her first year playing and she was quite timid (although she did seem to enjoy it).  This year, whether it's being one of the bigger kids on the team or having a bit more experience or knowing some of the other kids (in addition to Emmett, there's also her good friend from school, a girl from the other kindergarten class, and a kid from her team last year), she seems to be more confident.  She even scored 2 goals in their game this evening! (they divide the field in half, and then play 2 games of 3 on 3 with the kids taking shifts, so it's not just one crazy lump of kids running after the ball).  Now we just need the weather to warm up - by the end of the evening it was cold sitting on the sidelines!

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