Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New 'dos

The kids are sporting some new styles.  Emmett finally got his hair cut today (he was looking quite overgrown and shaggy) and he even got a little blue gel (or "jell-o" as he would say) in it.  I think this will be much more comfortable for him for summer.

Annika decided not to get her hair cut when we went to the salon today, as she's decided she wants to grow out her bangs.  Sniff sniff.  Yes, I'm a little sad about it.  Her bangs were so cute.  I'm not quite ready for this - just another way my little girl is growing up.  We've been exploring a lot of new styles, though, in the past few days.  I'm thinking this summer will involve a lot of clips, bobby pins, braids and headbands.

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