Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A toothy day

Annika lost her first tooth this morning!! It's been wiggly for quite a while (about a month and a half), and after seeing Annika wiggle it for so long, Emmett decided that he wanted a turn. Before I could stop him, he had his hand in her mouth and wiggled and pulled it right out! She cried a little bit (I think mostly just from seeing the blood - I hadn't told her that it would bleed) but she was very, very excited about it. I think she may have a hard time getting to sleep tonight, she's so looking forward to seeing what the tooth fairy will bring her.

To add to the tooth excitement, the kids both had dentist appointments today.  The dentist and the hygienist laughed when we told them how the tooth came out.  Both kids did great for the dentist.  For Emmett, the dentist just poked around in his mouth a little bit (no cleaning yet), but he was perfectly still for her and she said his teeth looked great.  He's still missing his top 2-year-old molars, but the dentist said that it's actually a good thing if baby teeth are slow to come in.  She said it usually means that they'll fall out later, and then by the time the adult teeth come in, the child has better brushing habits and technique to take care of them.

Annika had a full cleaning today, even with x-rays and fluoride in the trays (in the past they've just "painted" it on).  She continually amazes me at how well she does at the dentist.  None of it seems to phase her, and she actually seems to look forward to going to the dentist.  She had to have some tartar removed, which she's had done several times before.  There's something about her saliva that makes her more susceptible to tartar build-up, but the dentist said that it's nothing to be concerned about at this point.  Today she actually told me that people who get more tartar actually get fewer cavities, so there's a plus.  

Now for the "tooth fairy" to do her job!  I think I'm almost as excited as Annika! :)

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