Thursday, March 14, 2013

One more story from Phoenix

This didn't really fit into my "vacation recap" posts, but it was a funny story that I wanted to share, nonetheless.  Sorry Mom!

One day in Phoenix my mom and I were in Walmart picking up a few things, including some booze ('cuz you can get that at Walmart in the States - classy).  My mom was paying for everything, yet the cashier insisted on seeing my ID (insert confidence boost here - it's been a while since I've been asked that).  It was so weird though - even after my mom said that it was her buying the booze, not me, the cashier still insisted, saying that I was with her.  So, what - if I was underage, my mom wouldn't have been allowed to drink?  Good thing we didn't have Annika or Emmett with us!

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Gin said...

I think my only opportunity to be asked for ID is if I'm ordering from the Senior's Menu!! That would be a great ego boost to prove that you're old enough to drink!!