Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First time at the movie theatre

I took the kids to a movie at the theatre today - a first for both of them!  The local mall kids' club was sponsoring a $2 movie morning today, for spring break, and we went to see "The Lorax" (the movie was only $2 a ticket because it's been out for a while).  Technically this wasn't Annika's first time seeing a movie in the theatre - I took her to a "stars and strollers" matinee when she was just a baby (a movie time for moms to bring their babies along), but I don't think that really counts.

Digging in to the popcorn, waiting for the movie to start.
I didn't know what to expect of Emmett.  He doesn't even sit and watch TV at home yet, so I had no idea if he'd be able to make it through a 90 minute movie.  But I figured for $2 a ticket, it wouldn't be a huge loss if we had to leave early, and we went with some friends, so I knew I could leave Annika in the theatre and take him out, if needed.  He totally surprised me though, and sat on my lap and watched the whole movie (eating popcorn for almost the entire time!  Whoops, bad mommy).  He couldn't sit on the seat by himself because he wasn't heavy enough to keep it down.  It kept flipping shut on him, and he didn't want to sit on a booster.  I didn't mind an hour and a half of cuddles, though. ;)

Annika wasn't crazy about the movie.  I didn't think it would be really scary (after all, it's Seuss!), but there were some parts that were pretty intense and frightening for a young child, and the unfamiliar theatre atmosphere probably didn't help.  She asked to leave a few times, but I convinced her that we should stay (I had figured Emmett would be the one making us leave early, not her!).  Hopefully I don't regret that later (i.e. nightmares).  We made it to the end of the movie, but she said afterwards that she didn't like it.

Afterwards we went to the food court with our friends for some lunch, which no one was terribly hungry for, since we ate a lot of popcorn during the movie (it was their first movie theatre experience - I had to get them popcorn!).  However, both the kids had room for an ice cream (bad mommy again! Oh well, it's spring break!!).  I wanted Annika to have some pleasant memories of the morning (not just remembering that she didn't like the movie), so we splurged a bit.  All in all, I think it was a good time.  I'm not sure we're in any rush to head back to the theatre, but I'm glad that we went today. :)

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