Thursday, February 21, 2013

The eye doctor

Yesterday Annika and I went to the eye doctor.  This wasn't Annika's first visit - in fact, I think this was her third time.  There's nothing wrong with her eyes, but I just like to make sure everything's okay, and I think that getting kids used to going to places like the doctor, the dentist, etc at a young age is a good thing. 

Like I said, her eyes were perfect (that's gotta be from Carey, because I have terrible vision), but what made me the most happy was the way she listened to and interacted with the eye doctor.  Our normal doctor was on maternity leave, so we saw a new doctor.  She was very friendly and Annika answered all her questions (only one or two with a little prompting from me) and sat still the best she could (which isn't easy when they're blinding you with that bright light).  For those of you who know Annika, you know that she takes a while to "warm up" to new people and places (I hate saying she's shy, but I guess you could call it that), so the fact that she interacted so well with this new person made me really proud of her.

Afterwards, when we were in the glasses store getting some new contacts for me, Annika tried on all the kid glasses and decided that even though she didn't NEED glasses, she wanted some anyways. :P So I told her she was crazy (I started wearing glasses in grade 5 and hated them), but if she really wanted some, we could look for some fake glasses another day.  So now I need to take her shopping for "glasses"! 

As for me, I'm considering getting some new glasses too.  The doctor recommended that I give my eyes more of a break from the contacts.  I started wearing contacts when I was 14, and I've pretty much worn them all day, every day since then.  Lately I've started taking them out when the kids go to bed, and I'll usually have one day a week when I just wear my glasses, but it's still a lot for my eyes.  I'm going to get some prescription sunglasses (one reason why I don't wear my glasses more often is that I like to wear sunglasses for driving) and I'm thinking about getting a new pair as well (the place where I go has a "buy one, get one free" deal).  I could just use the deal to get new lenses in my current frames (which I still like, despite the fact that they're 10 years old), but I kind of want something new.  What do you think?

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Andrea said...

Those glasses are nice but it's always fun to change things up. I, too, like the look of my current glasses and I've had them for maybe 4 years (since my eyesight didn't change the last time I went to the eye doctor). When I go again this summer though, IF my prescription changes - as much as I love these glasses - I'm sure I'll change it up. And...even if my prescription doesn't change...I may take advantage of some of those cheap on-line deals!