Friday, February 22, 2013

Baked spasagna

I will never be a food blogger (I almost always forget to take pictures of the food - I'm too busy eating it!), but I do like to share recipes that I've tried and liked, especially ones that the kids also liked.  This one I tried last night, and it went over well, even with the kids.  It's called "baked spasagna".

My kids aren't big fans of lasagna, but they like spaghetti and they liked this dish, which has the look of spaghetti, but all the same flavors of lasagna (with slightly less prep work).  I kept the meat sauce separate from the noodles, because Annika doesn't like to eat them together.  It's really cheesy, so it's not a "diet" dish, but it sure was delicious!  And it makes a lot!  I did half the recipe and it still was enough to be two meals for us (with a salad and garlic bread too, of course!).

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