Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Play time

I love it that our kids are at an age where they can play together.  Sure, they fight (a lot sometimes), but sometimes they play together so well.  I love watching them play and seeing the different games they play.  Emmett is at a point where he doesn't know "girl toys" or "boy toys" so he usually will quite happily go along with whatever Annika wants to play (Barbies, dolls, house, restaurant, etc).  And although Annika is more aware of gender differences, she still enjoys playing with "boy" toys with Emmett (trucks, Lego, tool shop, etc).  The other day they went from playing "fix the dishwasher" to "ring around the rosy" with baby dolls without a blink of an eye.

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Gin said...

I love it that she's fixing the dishwasher in a skirt!! I remember playing for hours when Lil and I, in particular, were kids. We had the entire basement as our playroom and had so much fun. If they're like me, they'll remember the fun and forget the fighting!