Friday, January 25, 2013

The dentist

This morning the kids had dentist appointments - the first time for Emmett.  Annika was actually really excited to be going to the dentist.  She remembered the kid-size door, the big aquarium and coloring pages in the waiting room, the TVs on the ceiling, and the fact that last time she got 2 prizes and the dentist praised her on and on for being such a good girl.  She was also excited because she was going to show Emmett this time how to sit still for the dentist (what a great big sister :) ).  Before we left, she said this (and I actually jotted it down at the time, because it was such a great quote) - "going to the dentist isn't just about teeth, it's about fun!"

The kids both did really well, and no cavities for either of them.  Annika had a full cleaning and fluoride, and also had the tartar scraped off her lower front teeth (she gets tartar build-up due to her saliva, but they say it's not really a big deal at this point).

Watching the TV on the ceiling
Given that it's a children's only dentist, I wonder why they don't have smaller chairs...
Emmett watched Annika have her cleaning, and then it was his turn.  He wasn't too crazy about the chair, so they didn't make him lie down in it - he just sat in it.  The dentist counted his teeth and that was about it.  He's still pretty young to be going to the dentist (he doesn't even have all his teeth yet!), but I want it to be something that the kids get used to at an early age, so hopefully there aren't fears later on (I know that that's not really something I can control, but I'll do what I can).

A little uncertain...
After they were done, they both got toothbrushes and flossers and got to pick a prize.  Emmett picked a bouncy ball and Annika picked a little plastic puppy.  They also got stickers for being in the "no cavity club" and Annika's sticker had a special mark on it, so she also got a t-shirt that said "no cavity club" on it (although it's far too big on her - maybe she can wear it as a nightshirt).

Everyone was quite happy, which makes me happy too.  I think Emmett liked his new toothbrush more than his prize - I had a hard time convincing him it should stay in the bathroom!

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