Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New recipes

I've tried out a few new recipes lately and I wanted to share them, because they were quite the hit around here (even the kids ate them!).  Click on the pictures to go to the recipes.

Cheesy honey mustard chicken

This chicken is amazing!  I've actually made it twice in the past week (once last week and then again last night) and Emmett ate it up both times.  He's my pickiest eater, so if he likes something (and actually eats it more than once), that means it's gold.  I let the chicken marinate in the honey mustard sauce for a few hours, so it was really flavorful.  I guess if you wanted to make it a bit healthier you could leave off the bacon and cheese topping, but really, isn't life better with a little bacon and cheese? ;)

Crescent lasagna pie

This tastes like lasagna meets deep dish pizza - and it's really easy to make!  Definitely will be making a re-appearance on our table.

Oatmeal raisin cookies

I never used to be a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies (probably too many disappointments from when I thought they were chocolate chip), but lately I've come around.  This is an excellent recipe, and the cookies are nice and soft and chewy.  The kids actually really like raisins, so they like these cookies too.

Happy cooking!

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Andrea said...

I'm always looking for new chicken recipes - but I'm not a fan of honey mustard. honey garlic? Yes. But honey mustard? That's a different story...

I miss trying out new recipes! I haven't been on Pinterest for more than 5 minutes in the past couple of months though....I'll have to get back into it!