Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playing wedding "dress up"

Every year on our anniversary (which was on Thursday) I like to take out my wedding dress and try it on.  I think I've done it every year, except the year I was pregnant with Annika, and the year I had just given birth to Emmett.  My wedding dress has a lace-up (that is, adjustable) back, so it's been very kind to me, on those years when I was definitely heavier than on our wedding day, and now, when I actually weigh less than I did 9 years ago.  It's fun to get all dressed up.  I only keep it on for a few minutes (no, I don't wear it all day!), but I enjoy those few minutes of being a "princess" again.

Last year and this year, Annika has wanted to get in on the fun.  Now, I know there's a bunch of stuff on Pinterest about taking pictures of your daughter in your wedding dress, but I swear I didn't get the idea from there - Annika was the one who thought of it!  Here is her last year...

And this year (forgive the terrible lighting)...

I think we may have started another tradition!  I'm pretty sure that from now on, whenever I try on my wedding dress, she's going to want to try it on too!!

Oh, and how did I look in the dress? 

Please forgive the poor picture - Annika was the photographer!
Still felt like a princess! :)

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Gin said...

I love the tradition! I would love to do a "Bridal Party" and have all of those that want to wear our dresses again (me, me, me), wear them and have a party!!

You were beautiful on your wedding day but I think you're more beautiful today!!