Saturday, January 5, 2013

First time skating!

We took the kids skating today - the first time for both of them!  Annika starts skating lessons on Friday, so we wanted to get her on the ice at least once before that, and our neighbours have a little rink in their backyard, so we were able to go skating in a nice, quiet spot.

Both kids preferred to skate with Carey - no wonder, he's much more stable than me!  I haven't skated for a few years, but I still remember how (just a little shaky).  Annika was quite nervous about skating (she said she was scared of falling), but once she got on the ice and got used to the feel of it, she said she was having fun (and we didn't let her fall).  Emmett wasn't a big fan of it (he actually fell a few times - oops), but I don't expect he'll be spending a lot of time on the ice this year.  Next year. 

Now.... bring on the skating lessons!

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Tenille said...

I just wear my boots when I'm helping the kids skate.