Monday, July 2, 2012

A long weekend in pictures

The new cabin :)

Annika and me eating "campfire cones"

Emmett enjoying the pancake breakfast
(love the retro highchair - it actually came with the cottage!)

Happy Canada Day!!

Meeting 3 Blue Bomber quarterbacks, thanks to a friend on the lake

Annika going kayaking for the first time with one of our friends

Helping Grandpa drive the pontoon boat

Our family

Another first for Annika - she swam out to the floating dock and jumped off (with her water wings on)

Emmett was quite content right here - he sat and played and played


Melissa said...

Looks like an amazing time:) Did you end up using the home-made bug spray? Love the little cottage for the kids and the retro high chair is AWESOME!

Gin said...

I want to sit on the beach and play with Emmett!! I'm glad they were there to help Grampa! I suspect he needs LOTS of help!