Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another weekend in pictures

We just got home from our annual camping weekend with Carey's parents and his sister.  We had gorgeous weather for the weekend (really hot!!), and it was a great time of playing and relaxing.  Here are a few pictures...

Emmett was not a fan of the bike trailer at first, but once he got moving, he loved it and wanted more, more, more.

Love that smile :)

Annika zipping Aunti Jodi into her new tent.

What do you do when it's hot and you don't want to head back to the beach? 
Just add water to the campsite and break out the beach toys again!

We filled up our blue bin with water and the kids had a blast.  Emmett got really wet!

Annika took this picture of me. 
The kids slept in the camper with Carey's parents and Carey and I slept in the tent in the background - this is my once-a-year tenting weekend (and I survived!).

Annika is a pro at roasting marshmallows.


Taking two kids to the beach requires a lot of stuff!

Once again, Emmett was far more interested in playing than swimming.

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