Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Small town rides, big time fun

On Saturday evening we went to visit Carey's parents who are camping about an hour away.  The town they're camping in happened to be having a little fair on the weekend, so we walked around and went on some rides.  Annika has been on a merry-go-round before (when she was 2), and she enjoyed it, but I wasn't sure how enthusiastic she'd be about the other rides (she's not exactly the most adventurous kid, but she's getting there!).  I think she surprised us all by going on 5 of the rides.  And I think she would've kept going, but we were out of tickets (and it was time to head home).  Here are some pics of our adventures.

Emmett and Grandpa walking into town.

On the merry-go-round.  Even though she's been on one before, this was her first ride of the evening, and I think she was a little nervous.

I took Emmett on the train, but he really wasn't a fan.

On the swings.

This ride seemed to go on forever!  Round and round and round...

Annika said the kangaroo ride was her favorite.

Emmett watching those rides with a wary eye (okay, I know he's a tall kid, but sheesh, he looks far too big for that stroller!!  Yikes.)

Annika sharing her ice cream with Emmett.  What a good big sister.

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