Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring break day 3

Busy day today!  We started off this morning by bringing in my car to have a light fixed (turns out it just wasn't plugged in), and while we waited for it, we had breakfast with Carey at the Pancake House.  They had a new pancake shape on the menu for Easter, so Annika of course had to try it (it's a bunny, if you couldn't tell).

We did a little shopping after breakfast, picked up the car and headed home.  We were home for lunch and then headed out to get Annika's hair cut.  It was just supposed to be a trim, but we had a little fun while we were there.  Annika got a hair feather, and while she was getting hers done, I decided I wanted one too.

Emmett would've liked to get one too, but he was happy to settle for some red hair gel (which he referred to several times as "jello in my hair").

After our hair adventures we headed to Build-a-Bear, to get some new accessories for the kids' stuffed animals.  With mine and Annika's birthdays coming up, I had received two $7 off coupons - no minimum purchase necessary.  Annika picked out a headband and some sparkly bows for her kitty (only one bow pictured, on her tail), and Emmett picked out some sneakers for his bear (I have no idea what's with the face - the attitude must come with the hair gel, right??).  Total cost with coupons - $2.83.

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