Monday, March 31, 2014

Rainbow popsicle stick boxes

Hello spring break and hello freezing cold weather!  Hopefully it warms up yet this week - not feeling like spring at all yet. :P

Annika's birthday party is coming up in about 2 weeks, so this morning we did a "test drive" of the craft that I'm planning for the kids to do.  The theme of the party is "rainbows", so I thought these little popsicle stick "treasure chests" would fit the bill nicely.  I want to get some of those chocolate "gold coins" for the treasure to go inside.

I found the rainbow colored craft sticks at the dollar store, however, I may invest in some higher quality sticks for the actual party, since there were quite a few warped ones which made them difficult to glue together.  The craft was a little beyond Emmett (he was good at putting on the glue, but I had to help him with layering the sticks properly), but Annika got the hang of it right away.  It took her about 20 minutes to put together her box, which should be a good length for the party.  I also had fun making one. ;)

After the glue dried we were going to decorate them with stickers and some glitter, but after Emmett dumped almost a full container of glitter on the table and floor (and everywhere else), I decided that there was absolutely no way that I would be using glitter at the party, so we weren't going to use it today either.  We just stuck with the glittery letter stickers.  For the party I may get some other little jewel stickers, etc to make them fancy.

Annika gave the craft a "thumbs up", and I think it should be manageable to do with the kids at the party, so I guess the morning was a success (plus it kept the kids busy for half an hour - I have a feeling this may be a loooong week).

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