Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bandana scarves


I've been knitting a lot of bandana scarves lately.  I've been using this pattern, which by now I almost know by heart!  It all started on our trip to Phoenix, where I made this red scarf for myself.

Then, I decided that I liked the pattern so much and wanted to do it again (to practice the new things that I figured out the first go round), so I made another one.  This one ended up a little longer (on the first one I was worried about running out of yarn, so I made it a little smaller than the pattern said), so it drapes a little more.

Then Annika decided that she needed a pink bandana scarf, since she's been obsessed with "Sheriff Callie" lately (a TV character on Disney Junior) and loves playing cowgirl.  I wanted the scarf to be smaller (of course), but also lighter, since she wanted it for dress-up and I didn't want to use heavy, chunky wool that would get too hot.  My first attempt didn't quite work out how I planned and Annika said it was too big for her.

So, back to the needles, and I tried again.  This time it came out just right for my little cowgirl.

And of course, my little cowboy then needed one too. ;)

If anyone is interested in how I changed the pattern to make the kids' scarves, I can write it out (assuming I remember what I did!), but I figured it would probably just bore most of you, so I won't bother with the details for now.


Amber cargo said...

How did you size down? My youngest wants me to make him one. :)

pam said...

Oh boy! I didn't write it down at the time, and now it's been so long I don't remember exactly what I did! Sorry!! I know most of the sizing down just came from knitting the pattern as written, but on smaller needles (I think I used a size 8) and with thinner yarn (worsted instead of chunky). Hope that helps.

Amber cargo said...

Yes that really helps! I am new to knitting and this scarf is a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to reply.