Sunday, February 2, 2014

Party of 4

We had planned to have some friends over for a Super Bowl party this evening, but our plans changed and we ended up just having a quiet evening by ourselves.  We had a little picnic in the living room for supper (the kids [and I] could care less about football, but enjoyed the change from routine). 

Our change in plans was due to Annika's illness this week.  During the night on Wednesday she came down with a stomach bug (her first time being sick like that) and missed school on Thursday and Friday (thankfully, though, no one else got sick).  After a few days of not eating much and still having a bit of a sore tummy, she was pretty much back to normal by today, but we had a full day today with Sunday School and church, and then Annika had a birthday party to go to this afternoon (which she had been looking forward to for the past 2 weeks - thank goodness she was feeling better, or we would've had a very sad little girl here).  We figured a full house this evening and late bedtime would be pushing it too much, so we cancelled our party.  It might've all been a bit too much for Annika anyways - she was complaining after supper that her tummy was hurting again.  I guess having pizza, popcorn and cake at the party and then hot dogs and chips for supper was maybe not a good idea.  Fingers crossed we're not regretting this later on.  Thank goodness tomorrow is an inservice, so she has one more day to recuperate if necessary. I think Tuesday morning may be tough, though - trying to get back into the school routine after 5 days off.

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