Sunday, February 16, 2014

Making an impact

I co-teach the preschool Sunday School class at our church.  It's a group of 5 kids, ages 2-4 (including Emmett).  I enjoy doing it, but sometimes I feel more like a babysitter than a teacher.  Like the majority of my job is just to dole out the play-doh and the snack and make sure nobody gets poked in the eye or anything.  Today was one of the harder mornings, as the kids were having a hard time listening, and it seemed like everything I said was just being lost in the noise.  However, this evening Emmett said something that really encouraged me. In the middle of eating supper he pipes up, unprompted and completely out of nowhere, "Jesus is the Son of God" - which was our memory verse for the morning.  It made me smile, and believe that God is still working through me, even on those hard mornings.

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Krista Nicole said...

Those moments are so priceless.

As the Nursery supervisor at our church often it feels like we are "just" holding babies. But we often talk about sowing seeds and praying that they will grow into strong roots in the children we care for. Plus we also focus on how the parents are being fed spiritually because we are serving their children.