Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today's miracle

You may recall earlier in November I hosted a jewellery party, and used my hostess credit towards a custom piece.  I received my "tree of life" pendant, lovingly handmade with our family birthstones, on Sunday.  I put it on this morning for the second time.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Around 2:00pm today, I realized I was no longer wearing it.  My heart dropped.  I shuddered to think of all the places I had been since putting it on this morning - Annika's school, church, ALL OVER the mall.  Even trying to find something lost in our own house is a challenge - how would I go about looking for this??  Well, before panicking too much, I decided to check the hoodie that I had been wearing this morning.  And can you believe, nestled safely in the inside pocket (probably meant for a cellphone or something) was my precious necklace?  Of all the places it could've been, it was right there.  Truly a miracle.  Maybe a small, ordinary miracle, but a miracle no less.  I said a prayer of thanks right then and there.  

Have you had an ordinary miracle lately?

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Pamela said...

gasp! I'm so glad you found it! God is God of the big things and the small.