Monday, December 16, 2013

Sunday school Christmas program

Yesterday evening was the Christmas program at our church.  Before going, I wanted the kids to pose by their little tree for some pictures in their Christmas outfits.  And this happened...

 So we tried it by the tree and the Little People nativity set.  Much better.

Annika was very excited that she got to be an angel this year.  She had one line that she said with the other angels ("glory to God in the highest...").

I didn't get any pictures of Emmett and his class because I was up on stage with them (I'm one of the teachers for his class).  The kids did really well though.

I did get one shot of them both on stage.  This was them doing the songs they learned in "children's church" (Emmett just stood there, but I don't really care - there are a lot worse things he could've been doing!).

It was a good program, and I'm glad that the kids get the opportunity to tell the true Christmas story, especially now as Annika is in public school and just has a "winter" concert.  Now two programs done and one more to go.  Emmett has his preschool program on Wednesday.

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