Thursday, June 6, 2013

She passed!!!!

Tonight was the last night of swimming lessons, and Annika finally passed Sea Otter (this was her fifth time in the level)!!  Yay, so proud of her, especially since we had so many troubles this session. Now we will take a break from swimming lessons and just have fun in the water over the summer.

Emmett also "passed" his level and now once he turns 3 he can start real swimming lessons. That means no more singing "the grand ol' duke of York" for me!  Hurray!!!

Definitely needed a treat to celebrate!!


Andrea said...

Aw that's so great!!!

Gin said...

Wow! Passing swimming, getting ready for Kindergarten.....are YOU ready for all of this? Watching her mature and find confidence is wonderful to watch. How are YOU with all of it?