Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Potty training

We started potty training with Emmett last week, and (knock on wood) it's been going pretty well.  It's been different in many ways from when Annika was potty trained, but it works for Emmett, so we'll go with it!  Emmett was very reluctant to give up wearing his diapers, and he's still not wearing underwear.  He's wearing Pull-Ups during the day (and keeping them dry all day for the past few days) and disposable diapers for nap time/bed time (he's still wet every nap time and every night, but that will come eventually).  So we still have another transition to make, but I'm okay with it at this point.  With Annika I had more time and attention to give to her and I was okay with cleaning up more accidents, but this time around, I'm actually glad he wants to wear the Pull-Ups - easier clean-up for me! 

I decided to put away the cloth diapers yesterday, an almost bittersweet moment.  I decided that it wasn't worth it to use just one cloth diaper a day (at nap time; he's always worn a disposable for night) and I had a bunch of disposables that I needed to use up anyway.  I figured it would be easier for Emmett to make the switch if the diapers were all put away.  And I told him that he had to stop wearing diapers because we needed to give them to another baby (which is mostly true - I'll probably pass along most of my stash to my sister-in-law for their baby, due in July.  The baby won't need most of the diapers for a good 6-9 months, but Emmett doesn't know that!! ;) ).

So, fingers crossed, hopefully everything continues to go well.  The next steps are getting him to actually wear underwear and weaning him off the potty treats!!

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