Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wooden peg dolls - woodland folk

I just finished painting another set of wooden peg dolls and wanted to share them with you.  These ones, however, will be making their way across the country shortly, as I did them at the request of a dear friend who lives far away, for her daughter's upcoming birthday.  I know that they will have a good home and be well-loved, but I'll still be a bit sad to see them go!  We actually did a barter trade, and she made something special for Annika in return, so it's a good deal. :)  My friend requested a forest or woodland theme, and provided me with some pictures for inspiration (see here, here, here and here) and this was the result.

The little "tree" boys look a bit funny with their bald heads, but my friend will be making them some little wool elf hats.  I tried to make some hats for them out of felt, just for the picture, but they looked even weirder than the bald heads. :P  Just imagine them with hats.

Here's a few more pics.

Mushroom girl

Flower girl


"Tree" boys

Red Riding Hood

I've just started painting my next set, another bunch for Annika.  I thought about making them as a Christmas gift, but I just can't wait that long!  And I have another reason for wanting to give them to her sooner - I'm doing the cast of "Strawberry Shortcake" (her favorite show for a while now) and I'm a little afraid that if I don't give them to her for another 4 months, she'll be over them by then.  But if I give her the dolls now, I'm sure they will get lots and lots of play time!  So that's my next endeavor.  However, I want to wait until all the dolls are finished to give them to her, so it will require me to be a little sneaky!  Hopefully I can pull it off. :)

My inspiration for Annika's next set of dolls - I love their bright colors.


Andrea said...

Those are so cute! You do such a great job with these...I can't imagine the time and patience it must take. :)

Gin said...

Those are so cute! Have fun with the next set too!

Martha said...

Pam, you are amazing. Those are so cute. Great job.