Friday, August 17, 2012


We use cloth diapers on Emmett primarily, but he also wears disposables occasionally (I'd say it's about an 80/20 split, and I'm perfectly fine with that).  I buy Huggies diapers and wipes, and I collect their "reward" points from the packages.  Since I don't buy a lot, it takes me quite a while to accumulate points.  So far I've gotten one thing with my points - a $15 Starbucks card (and I'm so sad that they no longer offer that as a reward, since I've almost got enough points to get another one!).  However, a little while ago Huggies sent me an offer to get a free 20-page, 8x11 hardcover photo book from Shutterfly (which I contemplated using for this project, except the offer expires at the end of August, so it wouldn't work).  I was all caught up on my vacation pictures, and I had already done the kids' first year books, so what to do with this free book?  (The Menno in me can't pass up something for free, although I know I'll still have to pay shipping).  Then I remembered pinning this idea...

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

A homemade "ABC" photo book!

I want to make one of these for Emmett, but I'll have to be quick (the offer expires on Aug 28).  I've just started compiling my list of words, and I need some help! 

A - Annika, Uncle Andrew
B - baby (baby pic of Emmett)
C - cheese (I know, not a traditional "c" sound, but it's one of Emmett's favorite foods)
D - Daddy
E - Emmett
F - family
G - Grandma and Grandpa (our kids call both sets of grandparents "grandma" and "grandpa" so I'll do a pic of each set)
H - hammer
I - ice cream
J - Auntie Jodi
K -
L - laundry basket (one of Emmett's favorite spots)
M - Mommy
N -
O -
P - plane
Q - quilt
R - room (pic of Emmett's room)
S - swing/slide
T - Auntie Tracy
U - upside-down (Emmett loves when I flip him and hold him upside-down)
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z - 

Please let me know your suggestions!!  Thanks! :)


Melissa said...

Okay so here are a few one sI thought of
N- Nature
O- Outside
V- Vacation, or visitors
W- Wedding, woods or wooden toy from grandpa
Y- You
Z- Zipper

Hope that was helpful:)

Pamela said...

Fun idea!

K-Keys, Kick (a ball...not people, lol!)
N- noodles, night
O- open, orange (the colour or object)
V- van, vehicles, vegetables
W- wagon, waffles, watermelon
X- xylophone ?? X is tough!
Y- Yellow, yawn
Z- zoo