Monday, August 20, 2012

1000 gifts: #192 - 200

Thankful for...

192. Running water!  Going for half a day without water last week made me realize how much I take it for granted.  Good thing I had some disposables on hand, otherwise Emmett would've been running around without a diaper, since they were almost all dirty when the water was shut off.

193. Annika's summer day camp last week.  Over the summer Annika has participated in 3 different week-long "day camps" put on by the city's leisure program, and she really enjoyed them all.  I'm so glad she was willing to try something new, as I also really enjoyed those weeks! ;)

194. Eating outside on our deck (and Carey's ability to kill wasps with the fly swatter without anyone getting stung!)

195. A family bike ride.

196. Getting my favorite pair of sandals fixed for only $5 (one of the straps had pulled out of the sole at the end of last summer) and being able to wear them again.

197. This face (we call it his "handsome face").

198. Safety for Emmett while he was discovering the ladder and slide on our play structure (some days I just think that I'm not cut out to be the mother of an adventurous little boy!).

199. Snack time (princess fruit snacks) in princess tent set up in the living room, just for something different.

200. Take-out pizza for supper tonight and an invitation to a BBQ for tomorrow which means two nights in a row that I don't need to cook supper. :)

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