Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lent: week 5

Here's my crowning achievement for this week.  It's a small change, but it makes me feel so good.  :)  First, here are some "before" pictures.  This is my bathroom organizer (thanks Ikea).  I've had it for several years, and I absolutely love it.  It takes up quite a bit of counter space, but it keeps my make up, jewelery, hair stuff, nail clippers, small random things, etc, all organized and out of sight (or mostly just out of sight).

This is my problem, though - it's horrible for my necklaces.

Doesn't that look terrible?  What a mess.  I usually only wear one or two different necklaces, because I don't want to bother trying to untangle them all to get a different necklace out.  I needed a better system, but I was drawing a blank as to what to do (despite seeing a bunch of different ideas on Pinterest).  Then Carey came up with a brilliant solution (that's what I married him for, right? ;) ).  He suggested putting little hooks on the inside of our medicine cabinet door and hanging the necklaces up in there.

Isn't that AMAZING?!?!?! 

So much better!!  And I even did it myself.  I used little 3M adhesive hooks, which are removeable (without damage) in case I want to change things around or take them down.  I love it.  I just need to remember to open the door slowly, otherwise they all fly around. :P

Here's how I'm doing on my list:
  • Recipe binder
  • Office
    • Kids' craft stuff
    • Drawers
    • Filing cabinet
    • Bookshelf
  • Laundry room
  • Email inbox
  • Annika's closet
  • Emmett's closet
  • Our closet
  • Our bathroom
  • Kids' bathroom
  • Main floor bathroom
  • Front closet
  • Back closet
  • Upstairs storage closet
  • Kitchen cabinets/drawers
  • Pantry
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • PVR
  • Kids' toys
  • Guitar music binder
  • Sewing stuff

Not a lot accomplished this week, but I'm still making small steps, and even small changes can make a big difference (like my necklaces).  I need to get Canadian Diabetes or someone like that to come by soon and pick up a bunch of stuff that I've designated as giveaway.  Once I get that stuff out of the closets, I'll be a lot closer to actually crossing them off.  I've actually done quite a bit of work in our back closet and our walk-in closet, but they're not to the point yet where I can actually cross them off the list or share pictures of them.

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