Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another tutu

Annika got a new doll for Christmas, and I couldn't resist making little "Belle" (Annika named her) a tutu to match.  It turned out great!  So cute, and Annika loves that she and her doll are both so "fancy" (Thanks Fancy Nancy :P).

I used a different technique for making the little tutu and I think I might actually redo Annika's tutu now with this technique.  With Annika's tutu I looped the tulle and just pulled it through (see here for a tutorial - or you can google "tutu tutorial," there are a million of them out there).  With this one, I just tied each piece on with a double knot.  It seems to be more secure, since some of the tulle is already starting to pull off Annika's tutu (she's not very gentle with it, which is fine - it's meant to be enjoyed and played with!). 

This little tutu was so easy to make and incredibly cheap too!  I used a metre of tulle (which was on sale for only $2!) and a little bit of skinny elastic.  I cut the tulle into 2''x8'' strips (you don't have to be too exact - once it's on the tutu all mistakes and wonky cutting are hidden!) and then tied them around the elastic (which I sewed together to make a waistband) and knotted them.  You can also use a long ribbon, instead of elastic, but then you have to tie it on each time, and I wanted something that Annika could put on and off by herself (both for her tutu and her doll's). 

I'm thinking that this little tutu would probably also be a nice size (or maybe just a bit bigger) for a little baby -- I think I may have found my new 'go-to' present for newborn girls!  Every little girl should have a tutu, right? ;)

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Amazing as always!