Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas tradition

Carey's extended family (on his mom's side) has a really neat Christmas tradition, and I'm happy that we were able to take part in it once again last night.  Last year we had to miss out, because it was the day that we came home from the hospital with Emmett.  Each year the family gets together in early December and decorates gingerbread houses.  I think it may have started out as just for the kids, but it's become something that the whole family takes part in - young and old (or "older") alike.  Everyone gets their own little gingerbread house to decorate, and there's always LOTS of candy (some of which does not make it onto the houses ;) ).  It's such a fun evening.  Here are a few pictures...

Carey's aunt and uncle have the perfect table for it - lots of room!

Annika, hard at work at her masterpiece.

Emmett, hanging out with his auntie Jodi. 
He didn't decorate a house, but I just had to show off how cute his Christmas outfit is!!  I love argyle. :)

Annika and her completed gingerbread house.

 The "village".

Our houses - (from l-r) Carey's, Annika's and mine


Gin said...

What a great idea and it looks like a lot of fun!!

Tenille said...

awesome houses... I do one with the kids but this year we're doing a train.

Lisa said...

Wow! How impressive when you put them all together. Very neat idea.