Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday's done - bring on Christmas!!

Now that Emmett's birthday and his party is done, I'm ready to focus on Christmas.  I came across this idea on a blog and I love it - Occupy Your Sewing Room!

Occupy Sewing Room
Our list of demands is short: Leave me alone. I'm sewing!
Occupy your Sewing Room will run from December 3 - 10, 2011. During that week, plan to occupy your sewing room for a full day. If you can't spend a whole day, then divide it up into whatever increments you like.  Write a blog post and then come back on December 11th to link up and show off what you've accomplished.  On December 17th, I'll host a giveaway.

Time to get to work on making Christmas presents!  I don't technically have a sewing room (I just set myself up on the dining room table), and there's no way that I'd actually have a full day to devote to sewing (unless someone wants to take my kids for a full day!), but I like the idea of focusing on getting a bunch of sewing done in the next week.  It would be great to have all my handmade gifts done (or mostly done) in the next week, and then I can just relax and enjoy the rest of the Christmas season.  Are you making handmade Christmas presents?  Join in the fun! :)

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