Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Another big change for my little girl - who is not so little anymore!  For the longest time Annika said that she never wanted to get her ears pierced, but around the end of school she started asking to have them pierced.  I wasn't sure about keeping them clean over the summer (swimming in pools and lakes and camping, etc), so I told her that if she still wanted it done, we would do it at the end of summer, before school started.  She waited very patiently (I think she actually forgot about it over the summer!), and we went today to have it done.

The salon we went to did both ears at the same time, so it was all over and done with in one shot.  There were no tears, before or after, although I could tell that it hurt her.  I think it was good that she had never seen anyone else get it done, so she really had no idea what to expect.

She doesn't look overly excited in these pictures, but she was really happy afterwards, and kept wanting to see herself on my phone or in mirrors that we passed.  We had left Emmett at grandma and grandpa's house, so we had a little "girl time" afterwards.  We did a bit of shopping (she picked out a few pairs of earrings for when she can change them) and we even found something for Emmett, so he wouldn't feel too left out.

Then we had lunch.  I had told Annika that she could pick any place she wanted for lunch, and I was expecting somewhere like Boston Pizza, however she decided she wanted to stay at the mall.  We had Taco Time for lunch and Tim Horton's donuts for dessert.

She did not let a single sprinkle get away!

We had a really good time together, and hopefully this is something that she'll remember for a long, long time.

Oh, and what did we get for Emmett?? 

Hopefully he's still into pirates by Halloween!!

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