Thursday, August 21, 2014

Annika's haircut

I've been taking the summer off from blogging, but this was a pretty momentous occasion, so I have to share it here.

I think Annika was about 4 when she decided she wanted to have long hair, just like her auntie T (who since then has also cut her hair shorter).  Over the past 2 years she's had it trimmed about 2-3 times each year, but other than that, we've just let it grow.  And grow, and grow.  And now it was time for a change.



She got nearly a foot of hair cut off and we are going to donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society to make into a wig for sick kids.  She really liked the idea that her hair could go to a kid out there that doesn't have hair.  I'm so proud of her - it wasn't an easy decision, but she didn't waffle at all when she was sitting in the chair, and she seems to really like her new style.  I like it too, and I like that it will mean a lot less "hair maintenance" in our house.  The long hair was pretty, but it was a lot of work for me (since she wasn't really able to care for it by herself).  And she looks so grown up now!  All ready for grade 1!!

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LaughingLady said...

That's so great! My oldest is trying to grow her hair to donate, too, but her hair doesn't seem to want to get past its current length. She wants to be left with probably about as much hair as Annika has left, so it's gonna be a while yet. And she's been workin' at it for three years already!