Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our anniversary

Yesterday was a very busy day.  Not only was it our tenth anniversary, but I also met with Annika's piano teacher (she'll be starting piano lessons next week!) and the kids had their first skating lessons.  Annika is on her own this year, and Carey is doing the "parent and cub" class with Emmett.

After skating lessons (which are from 5:30-6:00) we dropped the kids off at Carey's parents' place for supper and a sleepover and headed out to celebrate our anniversary.  We had to stop at home so Carey could change (he came to skating lessons straight from work) and he surprised me with this beauty.  I was absolutely blown away.  I had jokingly hinted that the anniversary gift for 10 years was diamonds, but I wasn't expecting anything (we don't usually buy each other anniversary gifts).  He had picked it out himself, and it was exactly what I would've picked myself.  The only downside was that it's way too big, so now it's back at the jewellery store being sized, and I haven't had a chance to wear it yet.

We went to Tony Roma for supper (we had a gift card - thanks Mom and Dad!), and ended up also getting a free dessert, because of some poor service when we first arrived (we sat at our table for about 10 minutes without being acknowledged before we finally flagged down the manager and asked where our waiter was).  After that the service was great, and the food was delicious.

This afternoon I got out my wedding dress and put it on (I do it every year on our anniversary).  Still fits!! 

Annika also had to try it on.

And Carey tried on my gift to him - a toque I knit for him (he gives me diamonds, I give him a hat - seems fair, right?? ;) ).

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