Thursday, January 9, 2014

Allergy testing

Back in November Emmett had a sinus infection, and our family doctor recommended that Emmett go for allergy testing (not sure if the two were connected at all, or if he just saw something concerning while looking up Emmett's nose).  I've never been too concerned about Emmett having allergies - sure, he had eczema when he was a baby, and he sort of snores while he sleeps, and he's always got his finger up his nose (I've heard there can be a connection between nose picking and allergies), but I didn't think anything serious was up.  Even when he has a runny nose, it doesn't really affect him - he sleeps well, still has lots of energy, etc.  Regardless, we went for the appointment today.  After chatting about Emmett's medial history, the allergy doctor wasn't too concerned about anything, but she did do a few tests - just for some household dusts and molds.  Thankfully (especially given my less-than-stellar cleaning habits), there were no reactions and everything was fine.  We're supposed to go back in 6 months for a follow-up, and the doctor said that we could discuss testing for outdoor allergies at that time, if it seems like it's an issue (I've never noticed Emmett to be sensitive to pollen, or have hay fever, etc, but he's still pretty young).

 Emmett didn't cry at all when getting pricked, but he wouldn't use that arm afterwards.  We had to sit and wait for 15 minutes to see if there would be any reactions, and he sat and played iPad left-handed the whole time!

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