Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grand Forks

Just got home from our little getaway to Grand Forks. Here are a whole bunch of pics...

Ready, set, go!

Our "non-smoking" room smelled an awful lot like smoke, so we switched rooms.  Emmett was determined to pull the suitcase all the way down the hallway.  Cutest little bellhop ever.

Supper at Paradiso.

Swimming after supper, then a little coloring before bed.  Emmett was out almost immediately, but Annika took about an hour to fall asleep (and we already put them to bed an hour later than usual).

Swimming again this morning after breakfast.

Our first trip to Menards, before lunch.  We bought a 2-person rider swing for our play structure and many, many lawn chairs (they were on sale so we were picking up some for other people as well).

Lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  I think all Emmett ate for lunch was peanuts ("me more peanuts, me more peanuts").

After lunch Carey took the kids back to the hotel for a little quiet time (we paid a little extra to get a 3:00 check out time) and I went to Target and Old Navy.  After they picked me up, we went to a park and played for a while.  It was overcast, but not raining.

Then it was time for ice cream!

And one more trip to Menards!  Carey needed some time to think over a purchase. ;)

We had planned to only leave after supper, but since we were pretty much done everything we wanted to do by 4:30 (and since we had a big lunch and ice cream for snack and no one was hungry for supper), we decided to leave early.  We were home by about 7:15, had some toast for "supper" and put the kids to bed (they had both slept about an hour on the drive home, but were still pretty tired).  It was a nice little getaway, but I'm glad that we only went for one night - that's about as much as we can handle at this point!

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