Friday, May 31, 2013

Annika's doctor appointment

Yesterday I took Annika to the doctor, as a follow-up to her ear infection a month ago, and to talk to the doctor about the issues we've been having lately.  Technically it was good news, in that the doctor didn't see anything that was wrong with her, but it's also a little bit frustrating, as it would've been nice to have an answer for why she's been acting the way she has lately (but of course, children are never that simple, right?).  He did notice that she was suffering from hay fever (I thought it was a cold, but he could tell by looking up her nose that it was allergies) and that she still had fluid in her ear from the infection (but no more infection).  He said it could be affecting her hearing slightly and he wanted us to come back in another month to check it again.  He also wanted to get a urine sample to check for a bladder infection, which he said could be the cause of the bedwetting and the restless feeling at night.  He checked her legs and said he could see nothing that would be causing her pain, no sign of growing pains (something about how the muscles compared to the bones).  He said that with adults he would normally do some bloodwork to check for things like iron levels, etc, but he really hesitated doing blood tests for little kids unless he thought it was absolutely necessary.  At this time he didn't see it as necessary for Annika.  As for the behavioral changes, he didn't have much of an explanation for that (again, it's never that simple).  Could be some anxiety of upcoming changes, could just be "being a kid".

So we'll just carry on, with prayer and love and as much patience as possible.  We've started to do a few simple yoga moves with the kids before bed, to help stretch and calm down the "crazy legs" and relax and quiet down.  Hopefully it will start to help - right now they seem to see it as a time to be silly. :P  Annika's activities are all ending in the next few weeks (today is the last day of preschool - boohoo!!), so maybe being a little less busy will help too.  And it's not all bad - she definitely has lots of good moments still.  Yesterday she did really well at swimming - went in the water without a single complaint (of course, that was part of the deal to get her treat afterwards!).  Sometimes it's just hard to focus on the good when the bad starts to feel so overwhelming, but really, we have so much to be thankful for, if these kinds of things are our biggest problems.


Shachi said...

thanks for the update. I went to our ped for another reason and brought up my concern with our daughter. She said the same things - mainly that she started preschool and could be having a tough time internally sticking to routine, doing things in a certain way, etc etc. hope it keeps getting better for you guys.

pam said...

Shachi, thank you for your concern, and your kind words. I hope things improve for you too.