Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas

Here are a few pictures from the past week!  We had a great Christmas - hope you all did too!!

Dec 22 - on our way to see lots of Christmas lights!  Annika was soooo excited for this.

The nativity scene in lights.

Christmas morning excitement!

Checking out all their new stuff (side note: Emmett wanted to stay in his jammies, but Annika insisted on getting dressed - and dressed up - before opening presents).

Carey's present - can you guess what it is?  (It's a snow brush/scraper for his truck).

Emmett's new tools, handmade by his grandpa.

Something both of them can enjoy at the same time!

Emmett practically licked his plate clean at dessert.

Annika trying out her stocking stuffer - bath crayons (which were a lot harder to clean off than I would've liked).

Emmett got bath finger paints in his stocking, which, thankfully, washed off quite well.

Emmett loved playing with the "photo booth" props at our family gathering on Boxing Day!

So, that was a little glimpse of our Christmas.  I found this year to be a lot easier than last year, but it still was a busy few days (with 3 late nights in a row).  I found Christmas Day to be a bit much for Annika, as we opened presents at home in the morning, then at Carey's parents' place in the afternoon and my parents' place in the evening.  It's a bit overwhelming for a kid, and she was on a bit of a "mood rollercoaster" that day (lots of ups and downs).  Emmett just wanted to open and play with each gift, never mind keep opening presents.  I've always liked that we can spend time with each of our families on Christmas day, but maybe we'll have to see for next year whether something needs to change.  I feel like, since having kids, each year is a bit of a learning experience and just when I think I've figured things out, they change again!

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