Monday, November 5, 2012


Allow me to brag for just a moment???  Thanks. ;)

Emmett just put this puzzle together ALL BY HIMSELF!  Granted, we've probably done it together with him about a million times, but now he's doing it all on his own (and it says it's for ages 3+).  What a smartie pants. :)

He's so cute when he's doing a puzzle - he'll pick up a piece and while he's trying to figure out where it goes, he says "no... no... no..." until he finds the right spot.  And when he finishes the puzzle, he raises both his hands and cheers for himself. :)

He really likes puzzles right now (even Annika's princess puzzles), and other things that "fit together" like Lego blocks or the Tupperware shape ball (where you put the different shapes through the matching holes in the ball).  So neat to watch him learn and develop his own interests.


Andrea said...

Way to go, Emmett!

Gin said...

Emmett and Wes have been playing with the Tupperware shape ball during Sunday School. It's good to know the kind of stuff he likes playing with and learning! It also must be fun to watch him do these things on his own!!