Monday, November 19, 2012

Deep thoughts from snowman-making

Yesterday the weather was perfect for making snowmen, so Annika and I went outside while Emmett was napping and Carey was watching football.

I had a lot of fun playing outside with Annika, and I came to a realization - a bad sleep does not necessarily lead to a bad day (I had had a rough night on Saturday night and didn't get a lot of sleep).  After my last post about my insomnia, things seemed to be looking up and getting better.  However, last week took a turn for the worse and I had a few really bad nights (which meant some not-great days).  It was really discouraging for me, as it seems like the melatonin doesn't seem to be working so well anymore.  I'm so frustrated, and not sure what else I can be doing, but Sunday afternoon really encouraged me.  I can still have good days (or even just good moments in an otherwise hard day), even when I'm not getting a perfect 8 hours of sleep.  If you've ever dealt with insomnia you know that one of the thoughts that starts spinning around your head when you can't fall asleep is "I'm going to be so tired tomorrow.  How will I function?  Tomorrow is gonna suck..." - which of course doesn't make it any easier to fall asleep!  However, maybe if I can keep this day in mind, this moment, it can be a reminder to me that there are bright moments even when all seems dark.

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