Thursday, October 11, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake wooden dolls

This set of wooden dolls took a long time to finish, but they're finally done!  They turned out to be quite a bit more work than I first thought, as I had to custom mix a lot of colors (since each girl has several shades of the same color, and I didn't want to buy 4 different blues, 4 different yellows, etc).  There was also a lot of little details that I wanted to include, which made them take a lot longer than other dolls I've done.  But I'm happy with how they turned out, and Annika loves them.

The cast of characters - from left to right - Lemon Meringue, Orange Blossom, Plum Pudding, Raspberry Torte, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Cherry Jam

And my version...

I couldn't figure out how to do Strawberry's hat (and make it look good), so Annika and I decided that she should just have a ribbon in her hair instead (which is how she is pictured when she takes off her hat, like for bedtime, etc).  Annika requested that these dolls have mouths (the ones I've done in the past have only had eyes - I like the look/idea of a blank face), so I just did a little smile for each one, to keep it simple. 

I'm now on a "break" from painting dolls (I was getting kind of tired of it by the time I finally finished these), but soon I'll have to start working on Emmett's set.  I'm planning to make him a set of "boy dolls" (farmer, police man, construction worker, etc) for his birthday or Christmas.  He loves playing with Annika's dolls, so I figured it was soon time for him to get his own!

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Gin said...

You did a great job on the wooden dolls! I'm amazed at the detail you've included. You're so talented!

When you make Emmett's set, don't forget a lumberjack with orange suspenders!!