Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest!

For anyone who uses Pinterest for craft ideas, if you're like me, you probably pin a lot of things that you know you won't end up making.  Sure, you'd love to be able to make all these neat projects, but often you're lacking time, skill or materials.  Probably time most of all.  It takes just seconds to "pin" an idea - it could take hours (or days) to actually make it.  So I was very excited when, the other night, I came across an idea, and I was actaully able to make it that evening.  I had everything I needed at home, Carey was at hockey and the kids were in bed, and it wasn't very difficult.  I think it took me about an hour.  Here is the idea - a funky headband made from an old t-shirt:

I found this link that showed how to cut up an old t-shirt into one long, continuous strip.  Then you just tug on it until it rolls up a little to make "t-shirt yarn" (I did this while watching a PVR'd episode of The Office and snacking on some leftover Halloween candy - it was a pretty good evening. :) ).  Here's how my headband turned out.

This one I actually gave away as a gift, but I'm looking forward to making more (I've got a whole ball of "t-shirt yarn" now), so I can have one for myself, and maybe one for Annika.  She's not crazy about headbands, but maybe she'll like this one, because it's very soft and stretchy.  Me, I'm just excited that I was actually able to bring an idea to life!


Melissa said...

Love it:)

Tenille said...

that looks awesome! makes me want to make one

Lisa said...

Very cool.