Friday, September 16, 2011

Sewing class

On Wednesday evening I started my "learn to sew" class.  Technically, I know how to sew - I just don't remember. :P  I took sewing in home ec in junior high, and I made a few things - a gym bag, a pair of boxer shorts, and a sweatshirt.  Since then I've also sewn myself a skirt, and the water wrap for Emmett just this past summer.  However, like I said, I don't remember much of what I learned way back in junior high, and I'd really like to feel more comfortable with a sewing machine.  So I decided to take this class (also because I needed to do something for myself!).

It's a 2.5 hour class, one night a week for six weeks.  The first class was a little bit dull - we didn't even get to touch a machine.  It kind of made me think of Phoebe's guitar lessons for Joey (Friends, anyone?).  :)  But we covered the basics of all the equipment we would need (or "notions" if you will), how to take measurements (what fun to have a perfect stranger measure your boobs - at least it was all women), and how to buy a pattern and fabric.  I was hoping that we'd be able to choose our sewing project, but the teacher strongly "recommended" that we all make boxer shorts or pajama pants.  I guess it's easier for her if we're all working on something similar, and those are fairly basic projects.  However, I have no need for either boxer shorts or pajama pants for myself, so I'm going to make a pair of pants for Annika.  We went to Fabricland today and got the pattern and the fabric.  Here's a little sneak peak - isn't it cute?

The pattern I bought also includes patterns for a skirt, jumper, vest and jacket, so hopefully after I master the pants, I'll be able to make a few more things for Annika.  The jumper is next on my list.  Hopefully I can find some more good deals on fabric (my mom had a coupon for 50% off fabric, so this fabric today only cost $4.50 for a meter).  I think sewing your own clothes used to be a lot more economical, but now it seems to be almost as expensive as buying ready-made.  Some of the fabric we saw today was $20 a meter!  And it wasn't really anything fancy - it was flannel (but it was Christmas prints).  However, there's just something about being able to say "I made that" that makes you feel good.  Perhaps I'll have to also take a few lessons from a friend of mine who is quite skilled in "upcycling" old clothing into new creations.

So I'm looking forward to next week - actually using the machine! :)


LaughingLady said...

I really need to take a class like that. I have the same "condition" you do ~ I know how to sew, I just don't remember! I actually used to be quite good at it. Now? Not sew much. (haha, get it??! :P)

I think my problems really started with the new machine I bought about 15 years ago ~ the manual really sucks. The diagrams all look like they were drawn with a marker and then photocopied a bunch of times, so it's impossible to distinguish details. I kinda just gave up after that. And then with stores like W*l-M*rt selling ready-made clothing cheaper than it can be made.... yeah. But I WOULD like to be able to do some upcycling, too, or quick little crafty projects for gifts. Enjoy the class and then many years of happy sewing and craftin!

Laura Schneider Bollinger said...

You should try "thrifting" your fabric! Go to Value Village on half price day and buy bed sheets, dresses, or anything else that has nice fabric and lots of it, and then you can use it for your projects. It takes a bit more work but definitely makes it more economical.

Lisa said...

That is so cool. I have a sewing machine in my basement, my mom's old one. I am afraid of it. Afraid I will stitch through my finger, or waste a ton of time and fabric. Maybe I should take a class, too. ;-)

Melissa said...

I say thrift the fabric too:)
I am so excited to see your projects!