Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First day of preschool

Annika had her first day of preschool today and she did great!  The only tears were when it was time to go home ("I don't want to go home!!!").  Here's a few pics from today:

Her "lunch" bag, reusable snack bags and cup - all labelled and ready to pack her snack!  My moms' group is selling these waterproof labels and tags as a fundraiser - check out this website if you're interested in getting your own (and supporting my group).

All ready to go, with her M&M backpack.

Just outside of her school - very excited!

A little more reserved, now that we're inside.  I couldn't get a picture of her looking at me - she was too busy looking at all the other kids and stuff.

Now I can start writing in my new book for Annika!  It covers nursery school to grade 8.  I picked it up at Costco a while ago, and had the foresight to get 2 right away, so Emmett will have the same one.

I love that it's a 3-ring binder, so you can add in pages of artwork, photos, tests, etc.  I'm not one for scrapbooking, but I really like this book.

As I said, after school there were a few tears when leaving, but so far Annika's handling the change in schedule quite well (especially considering that she has a bit of a cold).  When we got home I let her watch Sesame Street (I PVR it, and she usually watches it after lunch as part of her "quiet time", so she missed that today), and it almost looked like she would fall asleep on the couch, but she didn't.  I think the "down" time was good for her though, because she was a lot more talkative after that.  All through supper we talked about school, and when I stopped asking her questions, she told me to "talk about my school more".  I think she likes it. ;)


Gin said...

I am so excited for her and for you!! The binder is such a great idea. I have a bunch of stuff from my years in school but there is no order to them and I'm sad about that but oh, well! I hope that school continues to be something that she enjoys.

Lisa said...

Looks like you got your bloggy mojo back. Enjoyed your posts on this milestone. Have fun, Annika!