Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing pains

Lately it seems like my hairdresser has been cutting my bangs shorter when I go in for a trim.  It's nice, in that I can go a little longer between trims, but the first 10 days or so after a trim I feel a little... exposed.  I like my bangs when they're just grazing my eyebrows, but of course, they're only like that for about 2-3 weeks before they're too long and in my eyes.  Today at supper Carey was making fun of me, and said that I should have a party and invite my bangs down to meet my eyebrows (and that's not even his joke - I heard it years ago from an old man when I worked at Smitty's and wore capri pants with my uniform.  He told me I should have a party and invite my pants down to meet my shoes). :P


Martha said...

I know how you feel. But you always look great, so don't fret!

Andrea said...

I feel your pain. I went to the place in town last time to get the free bangs trim...but they were way too short and I felt very self-conscious.

Nice joke though...I have to admit, it made me laugh.