Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First day of preschool - second time around

Yesterday was Annika's first day of preschool.  This is her second year at the same preschool (it's for ages 3 and 4), so she walked in like a pro yesterday.  One quick kiss and she was on her way (and I was a lot better this year too!). ;)

We had a bit of a challenge getting a decent "first day of school" picture.  For some reason, the phrases "stand up straight", "look at me" and "smile nicely" just don't compute for Annika. :P  She has a tendency to do this weird thing where she curls her upper lip in (looks kind of like a squirrel face to me) or she looks away or tilts her head or sticks out her tummy...

She picked out her outfit herself.  I wouldn't have necessarily chosen the lime green capris to go with that jumper, but oh well.  Some things just aren't worth a fight (and they weren't that visible anyways).  I was just happy that she finally fit into that jumper!  I bought it probably about 2 years ago, and it's (mis)labelled a size 3 (but probably more like a 5 - it's even a little loose on her now).

We got to school a few minutes early, so she had time to play on the swings before it was time to go in (it was a bright sunny day, so she's squinting in these pictures).

Found her name and hook!  It was in the same place as last year. :)

She had a great first day and she's looking forward to going back.  On the drive home yesterday she kept saying, "when I go to school tomorrow...." and I had to keep reminding her that she'd have to wait 2 days to go back.  :)


Melissa said...

Such great photos and memories:) Cute bag! I love the pick of her by her name, precious.

Andrea said...

Joelle went through a picture-taking stage where she closed one eye. Looked like a very exaggerated wink. :)

I think the pictures are great - and while they may not be what you had in mind, they will be an accurate portrayal of the stage she was in at this given time!