Friday, February 24, 2012

Emmett walked!!

I don't have any pictures or video proof (yet), but I just had to share this!  It was just a few wobbly steps yesterday, but he did it all on his own (with lots of encouragement).

He'll be 15 months next week, so it's probably considered late for hitting this milestone, but considering how late Annika was with walking, it's practically early!  She was 16 months when she took her first steps, but kept crawling until she was 17.5 months.  She wore out the knees in all her 12-18m pants!  I guess now we'll wait and see how long Emmett takes to make the switch full-time.  I anticipate it will be quicker than Annika (since he now has Annika to try to keep up with), but I also thought he would start walking sooner than this, so who knows.

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